Research Strategy 2020-24

Predator Free 2050 Limited’s research strategy focusses on achieving the government’s Predator Free 2050 interim goal of a breakthrough science solution by 2025 that is capable of eradicating at least one small mammalian predator from mainland New Zealand.

The Research Strategy 2020-24 focusses on the outcomes for which breakthrough science is most needed. These were identified in the Draft Predator Free 2050 Research Strategy 2020-2024 as the achievement and maintenance of predator eradication at landscape scale in backcountry.

By driving breakthrough science for Predator Free 2050, the Research Strategy addresses a critical strategic gap in the New Zealand Research, Science & Technology system. This will be accomplished through multiple mechanisms including Capability Development, Co-Funding and Supporting Applications to other Contestable Funds, and Direct Investment of uniquely positioned key providers, supported by smaller investments into Enabling Elements for the Predator Free mission.

PF2050 Limited is supporting teams researching predator behaviour, carbon accounting, possum gene-editing, rat genetic control, stoat breeding, predator fertility control, predator detection and autonomous robotics.

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To date we have provided student fieldwork grants, PhD scholarships and Postdoctoral research grants. With other opportunities in the pipeline for the future should further Government or philanthropic funding become available.

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We previously supported teams focusing on answering a range of key questions sitting under four key themes including Modelling and data sharing, Exploring new approaches, Best use of existing approaches, and Environment & society.

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