Research Strategy 2020-24

Predator Free 2050 Limited’s research strategy focusses on achieving the government’s Predator Free 2050 interim goal of a breakthrough science solution by 2025 that is capable of eradicating at least one small mammalian predator from mainland New Zealand.

The Research Strategy 2020-24 focusses on the outcomes for which breakthrough science is most needed. These were identified in the Draft Predator Free 2050 Research Strategy 2020-2024 as the achievement and maintenance of predator eradication at landscape scale in backcountry.

PF2050 Limited is supporting teams researching predator behaviour, carbon accounting, possum gene-editing, rat genetic control, stoat breeding, predator fertility control, predator detection and autonomous robotics.

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To date we have provided student fieldwork grants, PhD scholarships and Postdoctoral research grants.

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