Where did the idea of a Predator Free New Zealand originate?

September 1, 2018 3:40 pm

Our cultural and national identities are drawn from the unique plants and animals found here.

Māori have highlighted the significance of these taonga and the importance of acting as kaitiaki for them in reports and forums over many years.

The idea of a predator free New Zealand and setting a national goal for achieving it by 2050 has been incubating for a long time.

Over a century ago conservation pioneers were taking kākāpō and kiwi to offshore islands to save them from the ravages of stoats and rats.

Leaders like Sir Paul Callaghan, Sir Rob Fenwick and Gareth Morgan have helped build today’s predator free movement of dedicated community and individual trappers, conservation advocates, council workers, scientists, funders and inventors.

In 2016 the New Zealand Government announced a national goal to make New Zealand predator free by 2050.

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