Eradicating predators from one of the last islands in the Hauraki Gulf

Kawau is one of the last remaining islands in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park with predators, with more than half now free of invasive mammals.

The island’s fauna includes kiwi (North Island brown), weka, little blue penguin, pateke, dotterel, kaka, robin, bellbird, whitehead, grey faced petrel. The island is dominated by indigenous vegetation, but forest quality and bird abundance has been eroding due to predation – this eradication project is a crucial trigger to reverse the decline.

The first stage of the project is forecast to create 23 jobs.

Launched September 29, 2021
PF2050Ltd investment $1.3 million (Jobs for Nature funding)
Total project investment $4.85 million
Funding commitment 5 years
Project lead Auckland Council
Māori partners Ngāti Manuhiri
Collaborators The Pohutukawa Trust, the Department of Conservation and other partners.
Ambition The project will work to eradicate possums, rats and mustelids. Auckland Council will also concurrently eradicate wallabies, consistent with the Auckland Regional Pest Management Plan.
Design The project is currently in the planning stages, with any fieldwork starting mid-2022 and expected to be completed in 2026