Dec 2021: Project funding withdrawn – Media Statement.

This project looks to reverse the history of wildlife loss on Rangitoto ki te Tonga/ D’Urville Island.

At 16,782 hectares D’Urville is the eighth largest island of New Zealand.

It is free of ship rats, Norway rats, possums and weasels, but stoats have caused the local extinction of little spotted kiwi, yellow-crowned kākāriki and South Island kākā and threaten an important population of South Island long-tailed bats/ pekapeka.

Removal of stoats will increase protection for significant nearby nature reserves, such as Stephens Island/Takapourewa, home to 50,000 tuatara.

The island is around 15 times bigger than any other island previously cleared of stoats and attention will be given to lessons learned from stoat eradication operations undertaken in Fiordland.

The project will use a variety of traps (boxed snap traps, self-setting and live capture traps) and lures (ferret and stoat bedding, automated luring with an egg mayo mix), as well as smart detection techniques (cameras and DNA analysis).

Special attention will be given to trapping on the mainland within five kilometres of D’Urville and establishing a surveillance network to quickly detect any incursions across the narrow channel from French Pass.

Launched April 14, 2020
PF2050Ltd investment $975,000
Total project investment $3.1m
Funding commitment 6 years
Project lead D’Urville Island Stoat Eradication Charitable Trust (DISECT)
Māori partners Ngāti Koata
Collaborators Rātā Foundation, Marlborough District Council, the NZ Lotteries Grant Board, landowners, Department of Conservation.
Ambition 16,782 ha
Design Island-wide stoat eradication