Directors sought for Predator Free 2050 Limited Board

August 25, 2022 3:59 pm

We are a Crown company established to identify, invest in, and monitor large scale regional landscape projects and research that contributes to the Government’s goal of eradicating possums, rats, and stoats from Aotearoa New Zealand by 2050.

Your role on the Board will help to protect and enhance biodiversity in Aotearoa for future generations.

On behalf of the Minister of Conservation, the Department of Conservation is seeking nominations or applications for a number of Director roles needing:

Governance: Deep experience in governance leadership roles from either executive leadership within government or from serving on a crown entity board.

Change management expertise: Shareholding Ministers are currently considering whether the Predator Free 2050 strategy is optimally positioned to achieve its goal. Candidates with experience in change management are encouraged to apply, as it is possible that this review may result in changes to the intent, performance expectations and governance of the Company.

Accounting or finance expertise: significant experience and skills in accountancy, audit and/or financial management will be essential for at least one candidate.

Legal: experience and understanding of law, including contract law and identification, management, and mitigation of risk.

Applications close 30 September 2022.

Learn more about the roles and how to apply.

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